Papers and Articles


  1. Battery Ground Fault Locator.
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  2. Locating Ground Faults on Battery Systems.
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  3. Saving big bucks with instrument transformer testing.
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  4. Preventative Maintenance Requires Test Set Measuring Insulation Quality.
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  5. Instrument Transformer Testing.
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  7. The Measurement Of Transformer Characteristics and Power Loss.
    IEEE,  Transformer’s Committee,  March 1982.
  8. Effect of Remanence on Metering Accuracy of 230-kV Current Transformers.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly 1976, v 28 No. 2 & 3.
  9. High-Voltage Current and Voltage Transducers for Electronic Relays and Meters.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly,  1972, v 24, No 3.
  10. Remanent Flux in Current Transformers.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly 1970, v 22,  No 3.
  11. Effect of High-Current Circuits  on Current Transformer Accuracy.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly 1969, v 21, No.4.
  12. Portable Constant Temperature Enclosure for Standard Cells.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly, 1965,  v 17, No 1.
  13. Semi-Automatic Watthour-Meter Test Console.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly,  1964, v 16, No. 4.
  14. Curve Follower for Metering Studies.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly, 1962, v 14, No 3.
  15. Safe Portable  Electrical Instruments for Field Use.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly, 1962, v 14, No.1.
  16. Sensitive Recording-type Precipitation Gauge.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly, 1961, v 1`3, No 2.
  17. Relative Humidity Recorder.
    Ontario Hydro Research Quarterly, 1960, v 12, No 1.



On-Site Calibration of Instrument Voltage Transformers.
Calibration of Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers in the field.
Practical Aspects of Instrument Transformer Testing.
Maintenance Of Accuracy of Precision Current Transformers.
Measuring Current on the Power System.
The Application of Bridge Circuits to Generator Maintenance.
Power Factor Testing of Electrical Insulation.
Development of an Automatic Power Factor Test set for Electrical Insulation.
Power Factor Testing of Power Transformers.
Insulation Power Factor Testing of Rotating Machinery.
Voltage and Current Transducers for Accurate High Voltage Measurements.
Transformers,  their Testing and Maintenance.

Ontario Hydro

Calibration of Magnetic & Capacitor Voltage Transformers in the Field,  79-534.
Neutralizing Transformers,  78-617.
Calibration of CVTs at Cherrywood TS,  78-558.
Failure of AEG Current Transformers – Summary Report,  78-53.
Performance of Phase Angle Meters,  E78-116.
Evaluation of Circuit for the Control of Current Transformer Saturation,  E78-91.
SF6 Insulated Potential Transformers, E78-58.
Thermodynamic Turbine Testing at  Des Joachims GS.,  E78-51.

Demagnetizing Transformers with Direct current,  77-550.
Weslyville GS Generator Current Transformers,  77-346.
Capacitor Voltage Transformers at Mississagi TS.,  77-335.
Voltage Drops in VT and CVT Circuits, 77-332.
Watt  and Watthour Comparison with NRC,  77-213.
Effect of Remanence on the Metering Accuracy of 230 kV Current Transformers,  77-110.
Thermodynamic Testing of Turbines and Pumps,  E77-90.
Locating Ground Faults on Station Battery Systems,  E77-53.
Methods of Measuring Residential Water-heater Demand, E77-37.
Magnetic and Electric properties of ACSR Core Material,  E77-16.

Isolated Phase-Bus Power Losses of Unit 2 at Bruce GS., 76-484.
Eddy Current Losses in Conducting Materials in a Magnetic Field,  76-21.
Two-Stage Current Transformer for Watthour Meter Testing,  E76-82.
Failure of Westinghouse Type OPC Current Transformers, E76-20.
Current Transformers for the High Current Laboratory,  E76-5.
Endurance Tests of AEG CTs,  E76-4.

Measuring Current on the Power System,  75-368.
Performance of Auxiliary Voltage Transformer,  75-261.
Measuring the Losses of Isolated Phase Bus,  754-194.
Universal Current Transformer for Relaying Applications,  75-190.
Relay and Current Transformer Performance Tests,  75-164.
Metering SCR-Controlled loads,  E75-33.
Monitoring of CVTs in High-Voltage Stations,  E75-26.
Measuring Current in the High-Current Laboratory,  E75-20.
Standby Power for Metering Equipment, E75-9.
Current Transformer Testing Equipment for Field Use,  E75-6.

Auxiliary Voltage Transformer,  47-432.
Paralleling of Current Transformers for Metering Applications,  74-415.
Generator Current Transformers, Bruce GS., 74-285.
Generator Current Transformers, Lennox GS., 74-61.
Electrovector Electronic kVA Transducer,  74-7
Measuring Improvements in Turbine Performance, E74-61.
Reducing High-Frequency Interference Levels in High-Voltage Stations, E74-36.
Current and Voltage Transducers for Low-level Instrumentation System, E74-12.

Comparison of Neutralizing Transformer Performance, 73-382.
Warm-up and Position Errors of L&G Watt Transducers,  73-282.
Failure of AEG Current Transformers,  73-271.
Performance of Generator Current Transformers – Lennox GS., 73-93.
Use of Air-Gapped-Core Current Transformers,  73-56.
HV Current Transformers for Electronic Relaying & Metering,  73-9.

Characteristics of Voltage Transducers, 72-239.
Harmonics in Current Transformer Secondary Circuits, 72-348.
High-Voltage Current and Voltage Transducers for Electronic Relays and Meters, 72-303.
Split-Phase Protection – A new Configuration,  72-88.
Recording the Ratio 7 Phase Errors of Potential Transformers, E72-41.
Measuring the Temperature of Nuclear Cooling Water, E72-29.

A Solid State Watt Transducer,  71-500.
High-Voltage Reference Metering Equipment to Assess the Accuracy
of Line-Loading Instrumentation, 71-353.
Metering of Line Loadings in High-Voltage Stations,  71-309.
Performance of Neutralizing Transformers, 71-153.
AEG Air-Gapped Current Transformers.  71-70.
Metering Accuracy of Relaying Current Transformers,  71-44.
DC Voltmeter Calibrator,  71-6.
Voltage Transducers for LHR Relaying Scheme, E71-24.
Current Transducers for LHR Relaying Scheme,  E71-23.

Generator Current Transformers, Aubrey Falls & Stewartville GS., 70-434.
Current Transformers for the Timed Vacuum Breaker,  70-304.
Relaying Performance or Air-Insulated High Voltage Current Transformers, 70-154.
Saturation Control in Relaying Current Transformers,  70-98.
Remanent Flux in Current Transformers,  70-60.

In-Service Performance of Pickering GS Current Transformers,  69-414.
Accuracy of Magnetically Shielded  Current  Transformers for Lambton GS., 69-399.
Accuracy of Rectangular-Core Generator Current Transformers for Lambton GS., 69-310.
Transformer Correction Factors for Pump Motors, Unit 2, Lambton GS.,69-79.
Errors in Metering of 4-Wire Circuits with 3 ½ Element Metering,  69-58.
Transformer Correction Factors for Performance Tests at Lakeview GS, Unit 8, E69-59.

Transformer Correction Factors for Performance Tests at Douglas Point GS., 68-439.
Transformer Correction factors for Pump Motors, Unit 5, Lakeview GS., 68-424.
Transient Performance of Current Transformers and Current Transduecers, 68-311.
Accuracy of Instrument Transformers on Rectifier Loads,  68-198.
The Effect on Single-Phase Watthour Meters of Shock and Vibration due to Shipping,  68-98.

Bushing-Type Current Transformers for Metering Applications, 67-406.
Residential Service Entrance Equipment,  67-357.
Calibration of Varhour Meters, 67-220.
Effect of Direct Current on Transformers, E67-50.
Design of Impulse Transformer,  E67-57.

Heat Flow through Walls Under Transient Temperature Conditions, 66-160.
Heat-Flow Measuring Instrument, 66-159.
Instrument Transformer Correction Factors, Unit 1 & 2, Lakeview GS, 66-71.
An Insulation Power Factor Test Set, 66-53.
Direct Current Comparator,  E66-25.

Frequency of Calibration of Portable Standard Wattmeters,  65-277.
Packaging Instruments for Shipment, 65-239.
Accuracy of Instrument Transformer Calibrations at the Research Division, 65-208.
Potential Transformer Calibration Comparison between Department of Trade and Commerce
And Ontario Hydro, 65-131.
Metering Generator Output During Efficiency and Capability Tests of Generating Units, 65-130.
Special Potential Transformers for Generator Tests, 65-129.
Three-Phase Power Measuring Consoles, 65-128.
Special Watthour Meter Enclosure for Generator Tests, 65-127.
Comparison between Hartmann and Braun and Weston Portable Standard Wattmeters, 65-100.

Direct-Reading Ratio Set,  64-442.
Semi-Automatic Watthour-Meter Test Console,  64-441.
General Electric Saturating-Type Auxiliary Current Transformer, 64-349.
Transformer Correction Factors  for Boiler Feed Pumps, Unit 1, Lakeview GS., 64-292.
Portable Standard Wattmeters and Watthour Meters for Protection and Control Personnel, 64-116
Portable Standards-Cell Enclosure,  64-68.

Metering Current Transformers for Distributing Stations, 62-372.
Photo-Electric Chart Follower , 62-2.

Characteristics of Temperature Detectors, 61-11.